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This range of adhesives and sealants is available in handy cartridges for easy and accurate application using a reusable trigger-gun.


Many DIY and professional building tasks are made much simpler by the excellent adhesives, fillers and sealants available today. In fact, there are products that span all three purposes, filling, sealing and holding materials together at the same time.

There are adhesives for wood, metal, ceramics, tiles, acrylics, soft and hard plastics, rubber, vinyl and glass. Some have special applications: for example, waterproof and frostproof wood glues for exterior use and heat-resistant metal filler/adhesives for radiators and pipework.


The traditional wood and plaster fillers have been supplemented with many new fillers for particular surfaces or environments. Some are very fast drying, some have fine surfaces suitable for painting over directly, there are flexible fillers that cope with expansion in the heat and contraction during cold weather, liquid fillers to level uneven stone and concrete floors, quick-drying caulking, fillers for wood, metal, plastics, concrete and plaster.

Wood fillers are often stronger and longer lasting than the timber they are used to repair.

A selection of fillers, waterproofing compounds, sealants, frostproofers and adhesives.


Our sealants cover most DIY and building tasks: Silicone sealant for glass and glazing, silicone bathroom sealant, bitumen-based sealants for gutters and roofs, acrylic sealants for high-humidity areas, floor sealants to prevent concrete dust, brick sealant to prevent damp, lead sealant for finishing lead flashing, fire cement to seal draughts around conventional grates and some boiler flues, expanding foam sealant for cavity walls and other sound and heat insulation. Most are available in a variety of colours to suit the purpose at hand.


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