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ur Ironmongery Department contains everything you need as a new house builder and to complete tasks around the home, office, shop and factory – whether it’s yours or one you are caring for professionally.Scroll through the list below and you’ll probably find what you’re after. Alternatively, you can explore the department using the links on the left.

If you don’t see what you want, have a look in the Building & DIY Department, the Painting & Decorating Department or the Tools Department or call our Sales Hotline on (020) 8992 1177.

Adjustable shelving
Appliance rollers
A utomatic door closers
Barrel bolts
Bell pushes
Bolts for double doors
Bookcase strips
Brass butt hinges
Brass chain
Brass doorknobs
Brass door numbers
Brass numbers & letters
Buffer hooks
Butt hinges
Cabin hooks
Cabinet hinges
Cabinet locks
Cable ties
Carbon monoxide detectors
Casement fasteners
Casement stay locks
Casement stays
Castor cups
Chain & accessories
Cleat hooks
Close shackle padlocks
Continuous hinges
Corner braces
Corner plates
Cupboard catches
Cupboard knobs
Curtain poles
Curtain tieback hooks
Curtain track
Curtain wire
Cylinder locks
Cylinder pulls
Detainer mortice locks
Digital locks
Door bells
Door bolts
Door catches
Door chains
Door closers
Door handles
Door hinges
Door knobs
Door knockers
Door locks
Door openers – panic
Door springs
Door stays
Door stops
Door viewers
Double door panic bolt
Drawer pulls
Emergency key boxes
Exit signs
Field gate hinges
Finger and kick plates
Finger plates
Fire and safety signs
Fire blankets
Fire breakbars
Fire exit signs
Fire extinguishers
Fire seals
Fire security bolts
Fire security locks
Fireprof glazing strip
Fireproof door pack
Fireproof foam
Fireproof letterbox
Fireproof pipe collars
Fireproof sealant
Flush bolts
Folding door gear
Furniture castors
Garage door locks
Gate latches
Georgian door fittings
Grab handles
Handrail brackets
Hasps & staples
Hat and coat hooks
Hinge bolts
Indicator bolt and latch
Intumescent hinges and lock plates
Intumescent pipe collars
Intumescent pipe wraps
Keypad locks
Kicking plates
Laminated padlocks
Latches and catches
Letter boxes
Letter plates
Letterbox flaps
Lever door handles
Locking bars
Locking units
Locks – all types
Magnetic catches
Mirror screws
Mortice door knobs
Mortice knob set
Mortice locks
Nameplates and symbols
Numerals and letters
Overhead door closers
Panel pins
Panic bolts
Panic latches
Panic push pads
Patio door locks
Piano hinges
Picture hooks
Picture wire
Postal knockers
Pull & cabinet handles
Push pad panic latch
Remote control garage door system
Replacement garage door locks
Reversible hinges
Reversible panic latch
Reversible push pad panic latch
Safety signs
Sash lift & fasteners
Sash window cord
Sash window locks
Screw hooks
Security bolts and accessories
Security chains
Shelf brackets
Side and flush bolts
Single panic bolt
Slide and flush bolts
Sliding door gear
Smoke alarms
Smoke seals
Specialist hinges
Spur shelving
Stainless steel hinges
Steel butt hinges
Strap and piano hinges
Stretching plates
Tee hinges
Thumbturn & release
Touchbar deadlocking latch
Tower bolts
Victorian door fittings
Wardrobe hooks
Window fasteners
Window fittings
Window locks
Window security bolts
Window stays


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