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Cordless power tools give you freedom of movement and you won’t electrocute yourself by cutting through the cable!


Black & Decker rotary lawn mowers and grass strimmers are available in corded and cordless designs and provide excellent care of lawns and lawn edges. For difficult lawns that are uneven or sloped, a lightweight hover mower is the ideal choice. Mossrakers scarify the lawn and remove moss and debris to allow the lawn to develop a lush growth.

Hedge trimmers make light work of the toughest hedges in no time, and cordless designs avoid the risk of electrocution as well as making it simpler to cut taller hedges.

For heavier duty, powerful electric chainsaws make light work of large tasks and incorporate automatic oiling for long life and safety braking to prevent accidents.

Shredders and garden vacuums take care of waste garden material, reducing it to a fine mulch ideal for composting or for use directly as a soil mulch.

A full range of accessories, spares and safety power connectors (RCDs) are carried in stock. Many more power tools are described in the Power and Hand Tools section.


It goes without saying that there is a very wide range of hand tools available to the gardener. We mention a few obvious ones here, but if you’re looking for something particular don’t forget to drop in or call your nearest store for more information.

Spades, forks, trowels, rakes, lawn rollers, hoes, secateurs, pruners, loppers, shears, saws, tree pruners, axes, knives and,of course, brooms and buckets with which to clean up the mess and wheelbarrows and giant carrying bags to take it away!

Many tools are available in systems sharing handles which simply plug into each tool, saving money and storage space.

Felco secateurs and pruners are renowned for their durability and strength, and incorporate features to prevent wrist jarring and make pruning more comfortable. And you can choose from left and right handed models.

Adjustable spray nozzles for watering hanging baskets, misting delicate plants, percolating water into plant pots, throwing a fine spray right to the back of a border, or jetting dirt off the patio.


As our summers get warmer and drier, watering becomes more important and more time-consuming. There are several ways of automating watering for gardens, patios and greenhouses (have a look at some watering systems in the Gardening Projects section), but for most of us the watering can and hose remain the main method of watering.

The range of accessories for the hose will ensure that your garden is watered easily, whatever the size, shape and planting arrangements.


Compost improves the soil, feeds flowers and vegetables, and gets rid of a lot of waste in an environmentally-friendly way. Compost bins come in sizes and shapes to fit all gardens, and there’s a good range of compost activators to get your compost off to a flying start.

The Tumbler makes compost in double-quick time. Rotating the drum allows air to reach the bacteria which breaks down kitchen and garden waste. It will produce fine compost in a little as 21 days!

It’s a skip for the garden! A tough woven polyethylene bag that stands up on its own, taks a huge amount of garden clippings and folds away when not in use.


Dealing with garden rubbish is easy and clean with our gather-up sheets, self-supporting sacks and car boot liners. Forget struggling with dustbin sacks that require three hands to fill and tear as soon as anything sharp touches the side. These products are tough and tear-resistant.


Garden tools are only any use if you can find them when you want them. That’s why we have an excellent range of storage products. Tool chests, tool racks for long-handled garden tools such as forks and rakes, floor-standing shelf units and many more solutions to store – and help you find – your gardening implements.

This robust plastic tool chest has wheels to help move it around, a removable tray so you can carry around just the tools you want, and a lock so you can prevent tiny hands straying over sharp objects.

There are gloves for ladies and men, for heavy duty protection and for lightweight flexibility, for protection against thorns and for protection against chemicals.


Most accidents happen in the home and garden, and it makes sense to take care of yourself with simple protective clothing: gloves and gauntlets, wellingtons and overshoes, kneepads and kneelers and, if you’re using power tools, don’t forget eye protection and an RCD circuit breaker.


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