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Cast metal planters are robust, frostproof, and available in beautiful colours and designs. They can be supplied with “aged” appearance or you can let time create the effect for you!

This wrought iron planter comes complete with a climbing frame for your sweet peas, clematis and other climbing flowers. Black or green, with gold detail, it would grace a terrace, patio decking and provides a subtle garden screen.


Pots and planters come in colours, sizes, shapes and materials far too numerous to describe in detail here, but we have tried to show a selection of the more unusual containers available today.

Terracotta clay is amongst the most attractive materials, available in many soft shades of cream, pink and red and with a surface texture not found on alternatives. They are frequently fired to be frostproof.

Composite stone is real stone but moulded from dust and held together by resin. Pots and planters can be produced with intricate detail quite inexpensively and, being porous, they will quickly adopt a patina of age.

Glazed ceramic pots offer a colourful alternative to terracotta, and do not suffer the same degree of water loss through the clay itself.

Wooden planters can be stained in attractive colours and offer a natural appearance to blend into many situations.

Plastic pots and planters are not only more robust than clay and timber – you don’t need to water so often, as the non-porous material holds water in for the plant. Many attractive designs are available in cast polymers which have excelent weathering properties but look just like terracotta.


Hanging baskets and wall planters are deservedly popular, creating splashes of colour in porches and on balconies, beside windows and just about anywhere you wish.

They can be hung or mounted on wall brackets, cascade down from a post, flow from a window sill. Plastic, wire, wrought iron, rattan, wicker, ceramics and terracotta baskets and planters. Traditional bowls to classic topiary forms and novelty shapes are all available.

These hanging horns are an interesting variation on the conventional hanging basket. Made from woven palm rattan, they are pre-lined to protect the basket and retain moisture.

A reservoir in the base of this hanging basket collects excess water and stores it. As the soil dries out, a wick draws up water and plant food from the reservoir into the soil.

An obelisk provides the structure for an excellent focal point. Train roses, clematis and many other slow-growing climbers for a show of colour that will really draw the attention.


Climbing plants provide both screening and structure within the garden, sometimes providing height at the back of a border or perhaps a focal point on the lawn or leading from one part of the garden to another.


Flower pots are available in sizes to suit everything from seedlings to large plants, in traditional terracotta and lightweight plastic, styled simply for convenience or to set off your plants to good effect.

The humble plastic flower pot has been spiced up in this range of superior pots in exciting colours, like the translucent yellow and blue

This looks like a beautiful terracotta pot and would grace any patio or garden, but in fact it is moulded in tough, durable, lightweight polymers and is guaranteed not to crack or break in extremes of weather.


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