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Spear & Jackson professional trowels, for the perfectionist!


Bricklaying and pointing trowels – we can offer you roll-forged, professional, top quality carbon steel trowels, taper ground and polished. There are many sizes to choose from, capped handles to tap bricks into place, reinforced edge trowels strong enough to cut and trim bricks, left-handed models, stiff and flexible blades to suit individual preferences, and a choice of handles.


Plugging chisels remove cement and mortar between bricks, brick bolsters are used to cut bricks and other materials in general building work (though they shouldn’t be used on concrete containing reinforcing bars), flooring chisels are softer and used to removed the tongue from tongue and groove floorboards, cold chisels are used to cut brick, concrete and a range of materials, concrete point chisels are used to burst concrete and brickwork.

Brick bolsters – these accept a hand grip which fits over the stem and gives a secure grip, the head also protects the hand from misplaced hammer blows.

These fine trowels are individually designed to provide the perfect balance between weight and durability The full range includes laying-on, finishing, edging, flooring and cement and adhesive spreading models.


Whether you’re patching up a wall in the spare room or plastering for a living, we have the tools you need, from inexpensive plastic floats to plasterers’ darbies.

We carry a full range of trowels in varying thicknesses, shapes, sizes and edges, from the inexpensive to the truly professional and durable, so you can choose the right model for the amount of work you do.

Our plasterers’ darbies reach up to 10′ for an excellent finish on large surfaces, and we have a comprehensive selection of accessories for preparing surfaces, mixing, hawks to supply the plaster and special brushes to create textured finishes.


Installing, repairing, unblocking – whatever you are doing as a professional or DIYer, come to us for your plumbing requirements. We stock pipe cutters and benders, socket formers (to form a socket in the end of a copper tube to take another tube of the same size), spanners for immersion heaters, basin back nuts, taps and stopcocks (and a complete range of wrenches and spanners), tap reseaters, cleaning rod sets, drain clearing augers and sink plungers.

Pipe cutters and other plumbing tools.

selection of shovels – these are made with solid forged steel, the blade and socket being made from one piece for additional strength. Both steel and wooden handles are available.


We carry contractors’ tools for building sites, road maintenance, heavy gardening tasks and many other tasks.

There are square and taper mouth shovels, draining and grafting shovels, cable shovels, rakes and rammers for working tarmac and asphalt, crowbars, wrecking bars, digging bars, nail pullers, mattocks, pickaxes, floor scrapers, post hole diggers, fencing pins, mortar picks and pavers’ mauls – and many more to choose from.


Our slaters’ axes come left and right-handed, with fine-honed blade for precision cutting and spiked hook for making nail holes. And to trim tiles and slates to size we have a range of slate, asbestos an tile cutters.

This slate cutter will trim slates and asbestos cement boards. It cuts quickly and cleanly be removing a narrow strip of material. The blade operates from the top, giving a good view of the line of the cut while perched on a rooftop!


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