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You only have two eyes, two ears and two lungs, so get them covered with these inexpensive safeguards.

A first aid kit will take care of minor injuries on the spot. Not only is it a wise investment – it is a legal requirement while motoring in Europe.

Whether you’re rigging scaffolding, mixing cement, welding railings or prunig roses we have a pair of gloves that will make the task safer and easier to perform.


Protective clothing isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. It shouldn’t need stating, but if you injure youself you may not be able to work, and you won’t earn money, and the cost of a pair of goggles or decent gloves is really quite trivial.

We carry high viibility helmets, safety goggles (both wrap-around and designed to wear over your normal glasses), ear defenders and ear plugs (on cords if you frequntly lose them), masks and filters (for dust particles, fibres, paint spray, odours, organic sprays and aqueous mists), knee pads, gloves and gauntlets (in lightweight fabrics, suede, chrome leather, heavyweight jersey, nitrile and special rubber grip).


Look after yourself, your equipment and the working area – we have cleaning agents for hands, wallls, floors and tools, brooms and brushes and other equipment to help you keep the place tidy. We also have a selection of dust extraction and wet & dry absorption units suitable for the kind of mess caused by building and DIY activities.

A selection of fillers, waterproofing compounds, sealants, frostproofers and adhesives.


Our sealants cover most DIY and building tasks: Silicone sealant for glass and glazing, silicone bathroom sealant, bitumen-based sealants for gutters and roofs, acrylic sealants for high-humidity areas, floor sealants to prevent concrete dust, brick sealant to prevent damp, lead sealant for finishing lead flashing, fire cement to seal draughts around conventional grates and some boiler flues, expanding foam sealant for cavity walls and other sound and heat insulation. Most are available in a variety of colours to suit the purpose at hand.


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