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These wire brushes will take off the most stubborn paint and rust, leaving a surface ready for priming or polishing as required.


Just as there are many sanding tools available today, so there are many choices of abrasive. Belts for belt sanders, disks for rotary sanders and cut sheet for orbital sanders are each supplied in several grit sizes for faster or smoother sanding, with orbital sander material also supplied on bulk 50m rolls for professional/industrial use.

Foam drum sanders fit into almost ay drill chuck and reduce wood stock very quickly, as do flap wheels which are also effective on metals and avoid clogging.

Rotary wire brushes come in disk, cup and shank forms and the high tensile wires are exceptionally effective at removing paint, rust and scale from surfaces due to be painted.

Polishing disks an pads take over from where the finest sandpaper leaves off, producing very fine, smooth finishes with the aid of polishing compunds. There are specially formulated compounds available for polishing copper, brass, aluminium, plastics, steel, stainless steel, chrome plate and glass, with different grades for removing imperfections and providing highly polished finishes.


For woodworking we have spur & point and flat bits and augers from 1/4″ (3mm) to 1 1/2″ (38mm), in both metric and imperial sizes, countersinking bits, holesaws in diameters up to 6″ (152mm), combined drills and countersinks and, for that extra detail, plug cutters which cut neat chamfered wooden plugs to cap coutersunk screws.

Masonry bits are designed for use with percussion (hammer and pneumatic) drills and make light work of cutting through brick stonework, concrete and cement. They are available in metric sizes from 4mm up to 25mm (the larger sizes with reduced shanks to fit in standard 13mm chucks) and bit lengths of up to 1m for drilling through thick walls. Core drills are used in conjunction with masonry bits to cut larger holes in walls, offering diameters of up to 6″ (152mm). The diamond tipped “teeth” are fast cutters, but don’t use the hammer setting on the drill or the only hole will be in your pocket!

High speed steel twist drills will cut through many materials, though their primary purpose is for drilling metal. Designed for use in electric drills, they can still be used in hand drills. There is a huge choice of diameters and lengths available, but most people will choose one of the drill sets, which may contain up to 40 bits in metric or imperial sizes.

Spur and point bits drill quickly, cleanly and accurately through wood. The point allows accurate positioning, the spur cutting blades reduce splintering at the edge of the hole and the steeply fluted shank removes waste quickly.

These masonry drill bits are manufactured for use with the SDS Plus quick release keyless chuck.

Twist drills are used in such a wide variety of situations that the most popular way of buying them is in kits covering a full range of sizes. The kits have the advantage of providing storage and identifying the size of each bit, which can be difficult to read from the bit itself once it has been used a few times.

The Roman Ogee is on e of the most popular profiles for furniture edges. By changing the size of the guide bearing, it is possible to adjust the shape of the profile.


Whether you have a portable circular saw, a bench machine or a site saw, we have the blades to suit. Diameters from 5″ (125mm) to 12″ (300mm) with a choice of mounting bushes, bore sizes and teeth arrangements to suit all popular circular saws.

Jigsaws tend to use one of three popular fittings: AEG, Bosch & Hitachi, Black & Decker, or Makita. The blades are sold in packs, either all of a specific type or in a range for different materials. There are blades for wood, plastics, laminates, asbestos cement, steel, nonferrous metals, chipboard, ceramics, brick, fibreglass – and there are specially thin blades for cutting tight radius curves.

Sabre reciprocating saws employ a universal fitting, making the choice of blade much simpler. Blades are available to cut wood, plastics, chipboard, hardboard, plywood, steel, nonferrous metals and plasterboard.

Router bits are used to cut profiles in wood, ranging from simple slots to dovetail joints to complex edging. Routers rotate at very high speeds and consequently the cutters are made to a very high quality. For accurate routing some cutters are guided by either a fixed pin or a bearing which rests against an edge of the wood which is not being cut. In some cases, changing the bearing can also change the profile of the cut, creating two tools from one.


Angle grinders make light work of some of the most difficult cutting tasks, and a powerful grinder will cut easily through materials as tough as RSJs and paving slabs.

There are two types of grinding disk, for cutting metal or masonry. Diamond-impregnated segmented disks offer superior performance where long life or frequent use is an issue, otherwise flat cutting off wheels provide an economical solution.

Particular care must be exercised when grinding with any kind of disk: the speed of rotation and incredible cutting ability makes them potentially dangerous.

The diamond-impregnated cutting edge ensures a excellent abrading performance and the segmented blade allows material to be cleared away quickly for faster, full-depth cutting.

Most power tools run on mains electricity, and the a good quality cable is a necessity. Why risk traveling to a job only to find that the extension lead has a fracture and you can’t use half your tools? We have good quality reels of cable for both 230V and 110V working – remember that cable reels must be fully unwound to carry their rated current, so it’s handy to be able to wind them up again easily.


There are many more accessories available than we have been able to show here. Just a few more examples are drill chucks and keys, screwdriver bits, electrical supply and safety products. You’ll find a few of these products described elsewhere in this site but, if you can’t easily find what you’re after, remember that we still operate by telephone (020 8992 1177) and the store is open seven days a week to answer your queries and provide practical help and advice.


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