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The Hitachi cordless drill is a true pneumatic hammer drill with variable speeds, safety clutch and electric brake, and the SDS+ chuck for quick tool changes.

Many drills can also be used as screwdrivers, but there are several dedicated electric screwdrivers such as the Black & Decker model, which is available as a complete kit with charger and 15 different screwdriver bits.

This miniature drill kit packs a 100W punch with variable speed, and 40 different accessories for drilling, grinding, routing, shaping and engraving.


We supply drills from AEG, Atlas Copco, Black & Decker, De Walt, Hitachi and other fine manufacturers. There are conventional drills, variable speed drills, cordless drills, hammer drills, percussion drills, pneumatic hammer drills, drill/screwdriver combinations, even a mini-drill kit ideal for the craft enthusiast.

There are many power ranges to choose from around 200W to over 1000W, with top (unloaded) drill speeds varying from 350 to 3,500 RPM. Some of the drills feature keyless quick-release chucks for fast and simple tool changing. There’s even an angle drill, where the chuck is at right-angles to the body of the drill for use where space is restricted.

For specialist advice call our sales team – they’ll be very pleased to give you the details.


Power saws take care of many tasks and there now many tools available with specific capabilities. Whether you need to cut dead straight lines, complex shapes or work in difficult corners, these tools will get through the work much faster and with ease.

Circular saws are the answer for straight cuts. Simply set up the saw guides and go. For joinery workshops, a useful variant is the bench-mounted crosscut circular saw. The base supplied with the saw allows accurate positioning for mitres and compound mitres.

Jigsaws, as their name implies, are used to cut out awkward shapes. After drilling a hole to give the vertical blade a starting position, simply push the jigsaw so that the blade follows the template of the cutout required. Some jigsaws have rotating blade carriers, so the blade can be angled from the body for a smooth curved cut. Jigsaws can cut through up to 4″ (100mm) of wood and 3/8″ (10mm) of steel.

A sabre saw gets into those spaces that are difficult not just with other power saws but also with conventional handsaws. They are capable of cutting though steel plate up to 20mm thick and wood up to 300mm. Both reciprocating and orbital blade actions are available – the latter giving increased cutting performance.

These industrial-strength belt sanders have the power to tackle large tasks easily, with a choice or 650W or 1,010W.

Both standard 230V and 110V for safe outdoor working (with an appropriate transformer) are available.


The humble disk sander attachment has been superseded by a range of products designed for fast action or a very smooth finish.

The orbital sander and its more recent variant, the random orbital sander, can produce a very fine finish. There are several new sanders with special (typically rather like that of the sole of an iron) designed to reach into the odd corners that a conventional oblong orbital sander could not reach. Some even have replaceable bases for different applications.

Belt sanders are altogether faster and are excellent at big tasks, thought the finish is less perfect. They must be used along the grain of the wood and consequently they are very good at quickly accomplishing tasks such as reducing the width of a tight door, matching up planks of finishing the edges of a floor.

Many sanders include dust collection bags for a cleaner working environment.


Electric planers and routers are essential aids to joinery, simplifying the task of producing accurately-shaped wood for furniture, doors, windows and frames.

A plane quickly reduces the thickness of wood – to a particular depth if required – so that a sander is required only to produce the final finish.

Guides, gauges and dust extraction are standard on most models, and some are capable of producing chamfers.

Routers are the modern answer to the combination plane. Specially-shaped high-speed bits cut through wood to produce characteristic edges and grooves,

from simple tongue & groove to traditional furniture edges such as the Roman Ogee. Equipped with guide rails and spring-loaded plungers for the correct position and depth of cut, some models additionally allow the cutter to be set at a precise angle to the base plate for more complex cuts.

Angle grinders use different cutting disks to cut though wood and stone quickly. This mini-grinder is useful for many small tasks, and there are much larger grinders suitable for continuous use.

These grinders operate at high speed with small grinding wheels or grinding points to give accurate grinding in awkward places. The speed without load is usually between 10,000 and 35,000 RPM and the grinding wheels from 25 to 40mm.


Grinders use abrasive disks or points rotating at very high speeds to cut cleanly and quickly through stone or metal – even RSJs.

Their high speed and cutting power means you should treat them with caution and read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully – but they can save you a lot of hard work.


In addition to the more common power tools described above, we have a great many specialist tools including paint sprayers, pressure washers, nail guns, band saws, fret saws, lathes, bench drills, power files, wall chasers, and more. You’ll also find some tools in their relevant departments – paint strippers and wallpaper steamer in the Painting & Decorating Department, for instance.

This 16″ fretsaw is one of the many specialized tools that professionals will find useful. Call us for more details about any of the tools we carry.


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