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This panic door bar can operate a latch with or without a key-operated lock and with or without an alarm.


Panic door opener bars, latches, push pads and striking plates for single and double doors, with and without locks and/or alarms, glass and ceramic cylinder protected bolts and other fire exit systems for all sorts of doors, and glass-fronted key boxes for emergency exit keys


Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms provide a safeguard against being trapped in a fire or in a room where a fire or a central heating boiler is producing carbon monoxide.

Smoke detectors are now available with a range of additional facilities, including emergency illumination and simple remote testing.

A carbon monoxide alarm provides an early warning of problems with gas fires. Carbon monoxide has no smell and is completely undetectable, yet it s still a killer. One of these alarms will bring you peace of mind – whether you’re fitting it in your home or in accommodation you’re renting out.

Many action, fire equipment, warning and safe exit signs now carry symbols, like this fire exit sign.


EU regulations require that safety and warning signs have visual symbols in addition to the common wording, hence there is a new range of signs for the workplace and for public areas.

Many of these signs are mandatory – if in doubt, the Health and Safety Executive will be able to advise you.

They are supplied with holes for screw-mounting and can be glued in place, too.


Blankets, pillows and fire extinguishers take up little space and are very inexpensive, yet they have the potential to save your home or workplace from serious fire.

Don’t wait until you have a fire to consider how long the fire brigade may take to arrive, or how much damage may happen in that time – get yourself some protection.

Blankets such as this are ideal in the kitchen and garage at home, as well as in the workplace.

Firestrips are used around doors and windows to retard fire, restrict draughts (which encourage fire) and prevent smoke leaking from one area into another, giving the occupants a better chance o getting out unharmed.


There are many forms of intumescent materials for use in general building work. Pie insulation, sheet material for doors, plates to protect door and window locks and hinges, sealing strips for doors and windows, grilles and much more.

Intumescent materials resist fire and do not burn well, and are thus particularly important in areas which lead from one part of a building to another – pipe ducts, doors and widows are obvious examples.


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