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There are several manufacturers with comprehensive ranges of paints for indoor and outdoor use on wood, walls, metals and other surfaces. There is so much detail that it is easier to view the sites of individual manufacturers, rather than to attempt to summarize it here. The links below will bring up some key sites, each in a new window. When you have finished exploring, simply close the window to return here.


Dulux offers two sites. The trade site includes technical specifications for professional painters and decorators. the DIY site has more basic information and advice on how to chose paints and get started.


Leyland paints are manufactured by SigmaKalon, the name behind other famous brands such as Johnstone’s and Manders. Visit the Leyland site for information on their paints.


Crown paints and Sandtex exterior paints are extremely popular, and the Crown website has a wealth of information on paints and painting techniques. There’s even details on how to achieve special effects, and some paints that are designed for the purpose.


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