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Good quality screws are a worthwhile investment: cheap screws from the DIY sheds are often moulded from powdered metal and shear very easily, while turned screws have a greater strength and the thread has a better cutting edge to move cleanly through the wood.


We sell woodscrews made from high quality steel, brass and zinc-plated steel for use in many environments.

Slotted, Philips and Pozidriv, countersunk, roundhead and raised heads, in lengths from 1/2″ (13mm) to 6″ (150mm) and shanks from no. 4 to no. 12, with standard threads, self-tapping threads, drywall and chipboard threads, and hammer-fixing screws (hammer one into a pre-drilled hole, then turn the screw to expand the plastic fitting in the hole).

Screws are available in blister packs for small jobs, or in very economically-priced boxes of 200, 500 or 1000, and we always have a good range in stock


If you are fixing into a material other than wood or metal, you’ll benefit from using the appropriate anchoring plug. These expanding fittings hold fast in many materials and provide an easy path for the screw. Some plugs come complete with screw or bolt – steel rawlbolts will hold a tremendous weight against a wall.

Expanding plastic plugs and steel bolts give a secure anchor in masonry.

There are various specialist screw fixings for plasterboard, chipboard and other materials.

Masonry nails anchor strongly into brickwork.


Masonry nails are available in lengths from 1 to 4″ (25-100mm) in both standard and large headed varieties, in bubble packs and boxed quantities of up to 100.

Tacks, panel pins, hardboard pins, moulding pins wire staples, webbing tacks, carpet tacks, glazing brads, escutcheon pins, corrugated fasteners, upholstery nails, cable clips and picture hooks and nails are all carried in various lengths and finishes.


We have a good selection of hooks and eyes – plastic coated hooks for the kitchen, galvanized hooks and eyes for outdoor use such as fencing and gardening, an assortment of pegboard hooks, glass plates, mirror corners and domed mirror screws, kitchen/bathroom cabinet blocks and connectors, picture hooks and many more fixings.

The twin-slotted enameled steel range illustrated on the left will support evenly distributed weights of up to 260 lbs (120kg).


Shelving systems range from simple pairs of brackets to extensive systems of uprights, brackets and bookends in assorted colours, materials and strengths for use in the home, the office and the factory.

We also have bookcase strips, which provide unobtrusive adjustable spacing for bookcase shelves.


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