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Electrical test equipment isn’t just for testing the electricity supply: we have testers to find cables and pipes buried in walls, dampness detectors, bulb and fuse testers, multimeters and, of course, fully insulated neon mains testers (which no-one should be without).


From 2 AA cells to 6 D cells (and several rechargeable models), our torches have the brightness and life for a whole range of DIY and building activities, not to mention camping and other outdoor pursuits.

Shock-resistant rubber torches, rechargeable torches (some with 12V car lighter adapters), portable fluorescent strip lamps, swivel-head torches for use in awkward areas – there are many types available and we’re sure to have one to suit your needs. There’s even a torch which incorporates flashing red and amber lights for motorists.

And we’ve got a good stock of fresh batteries to keep them going.

Maglite torches are manufactured to a very high standard, with an adjustable beam from spot to flood, patented self-cleaning switch for reliable operation, Krypton bulb for exceptional performance and rubber O-rings for water and shock resistance. They come in sizes from a handy accessory for the purse (they look good, too) right up to a massively powered torch for clear, bright, long-lasting illumination. There’s even a spare bulb in the cap!

The Coleman Charger Sportslight throws an adjustable long-distance beam, is weather and impact resistant, has a bright Krypton bulb and operates for 60 minutes on a full charge, It’s ideal for those occasional late-night repairs or when you frequently work in poorly lit areas.

When you’re doing tasks around the home, the office or on site, the right lead, easily accessible, can save you a lot of time. If you’re looking for something particular, check the JoJo site for further details on extension reels, trailing leads and RCDs.


From trailing sockets to mains and low voltage cable reels (the latter for use with 110V power tools), we have the power extension cables you need – up to 13A current and 50m length. And if you are using any kind of power tool, a residual current device (RCD) is excellent protection.


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