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Sets of precision ground chrome vanadium beveled steel woodworking chisels with shatterproof handles – designed for heavy duty work, both professional and DIY.

Acorn wood carving chisels are hand forged from finest quality Sheffield steel. Straight, skew, shallow and deep curved gauges, bent, spoon bit and parting chisels form the complete set.


Chisels for general joinery, woodturning, carving, supersharp miniature chisels for very accurate work – we have dozens of different chisels and complete sets from novice to professional offering surprisingly good value.


Braces, hand drills, gimlets and bradawls will put a hole in your work – and these quality tools will ensure that it is a neat hole in the right place!

Stanley ratchet braces and hand drills are ideal for all work from small pilot holes to large wood bits – where the ratchet braces will be appreciated for their rigidity and the leverage they offer.

A selection of gimlets and bradawls, and a very compact hand drill with a 10mm capacity chuck.

These high-quality gauges and bevels are made from rosewood with brass fittings.

A Blackedge carpenters’ pencils have long been the favorite – the rectangular lead is less inclined to follow the grain.

A wooden bench rule marked with centimetres and millimetres on one face and inches and eigths on the other, with brass ends to ensure that it stays the right length!


Marking gauges are used to mark lines along the grain, cutting gauges are used for scoring across the grain, mortice gauges give accurate depth measurement, try and mitre squares give accurate right-angle and 45° measurement and adjustable sliding bevels give accurate angle measurement for any angle of cut.

Mitre boxes provide a guide for straight and mitre cuts across wood, holding the tenon saw blade accurately in position. Some boxes offer additional angles for more complex mitres.

We have rules varying from the traditional wooden rule to compact, lightweight fold-out polyamide and nylon rules, precision aluminium and steel rules, Stanley steel tape rules up to 33′ (10m) and Lufkin fibreglass tapes up to 330ft (100m).


Saws offer fast, accurate woodcuts both along and against the grain, and there are many special purpose blades for man-made wood-based materials such as chipboard and MDF.

Tenon saws have rigid blades strengthened by a heavy steel or brass back for very accurate cutting.

Hand saws have long blades for fast cutting. Different arrangements of teeth are designed for cutting softwood, chipboard, hardboard and other man-made woods, and for producing faster cuts or a smoother finish.

This Stanley plough plane is supplied with 10 cutting blades of deferent widths for cutting groves and rebates. The guide fence allows grooves to be cut up to 5″ (127mm) from the edge of the wood, and grooves and rebates can be cut to an accurate and consistent depth of up to 3/4″ (19mm).

Combination planes are capable of even more joinery cuts, including tongues, beading and sash mouldings.


Planes, smoothing planes, rebate planes and combination planes quickly reduce wood to size, shape it and finish the surface. With the right plane and a good sharp blade the finish achieved is almost ready to take a priming coat of paint. There are many variations of the basic plane, allowing a plane to be used right into tight corners, on convex and concave curved surfaces, across as well as along the grain, for fast reduction or fine smoothing.

For hand smoothing of curved surfaces, a spokeshave allows gentle, gradual shaping of the wood. Coarse wood shaping can be performed with the Stanley Surform – a series of round and flat files and planes using replaceable blades that provide quick reduction of wood and materials that could damage a conventional plane’s blade.


Clamps and spreaders hold pieces of work together (or hold them apart) while you work on them or when gluing and screwing. There are many general purpose clamps, from the well-known G-clamp to specialist devices such as box and sash clamps for large pieces and picture frame clamps for aligning four joints in a regular rectangle. There are many quick-release and lightweight models for easy portability and use with today’s fast-acting glues.

These robust F-clamps have malleable cast iron brackets for strength and galvanized steel slides for smooth operation. Serrations on the rail ensure very positive clamping.


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