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We carry an extensive and keenly priced selection of ladders in stock and supply the full range of SGB Youngmans ladders, steps and towers.

A sturdy stepladder built to BS 2037 Class 1 in sizes from 3 to 8 treads. It has an extra large standing platform, high support rail and two handrails for safety, with a foldaway work tray for convenience.


Whether you’re looking for lightweight steps to store under the stairs or a workhorse of a ladder for building and decorating, we have a stepladder that will suit your purpose.

From 1’6″ (0.47m) compact kitchen steps to 9’7″ (2.94m) robust builders steps built to BS 1129 or BS 2037 Class 1, our range of stepladders cover many uses. Available in timber and aluminium, with or without standing platforms.


We carry two popular ranges of extension ladders that suit most people’s requirements.

The DIY range is constructed to BS 2037 Class 3, is lightweight and easy to handle – ideal for DIYers.

The Trade range combines light weight with exceptional strength and durability, built to BS EN131.

This extension ladder is built to BS 2037 Class 1 for the the most rugged industrial applications. It is available in two or three sections reaching a maximum height of 42′ (12.8m), with rope operation for the higher models.

Constructed to BS 7553 Class H, this superb ladder supports a heavier load than most (150kg), has deep, comfortable non-slip treads and two handrails for safe access even when carrying loads.

The Pakaway loft ladder is the ideal solution where loft space (particularly the space beside the hatch( is limited. Its unique concertina action folds away to store immediately above the hatch and folds down for use in seconds.


Loft space makes a very useful storage area, yet access is hardly convenient. The difficulty of getting to anything stored in the loft often ensures that either the item stored or the loft space itself is disregarded.

Loft ladders overcome the problem simply and with ease. They take up no space in the home and very little space in the loft, are easy to pull down and give virtually instant access – suddenly, loft space becomes really useful.

When choosing a ladder, you need to know three things – the height from floor to floor, the dimensions of the hatch, and the free space above and behind the hatch where the ladder will be stored. Armed with this information, we can help you choose the idea ladder.

As well as lightweight aluminium models, we have attractive wooden loft ladders that blend into decor schemes easily – ideal when the loft is used as a hobby or play area.


A useful alternative to both extension ladders and stepladders, combination and multipurpose ladders provide some distinct advantages over both – the most important being that they can be erected on stairs and other irregular surfaces without compromising stability. Built to BS EN 131 for safety (and BS 2037 Class 3 for light household duties).

Here’s a real multipurpose ladder that folds up so compactly that it fits in the boot of a car, yet it can be extended to over 12′ (3.7m), makes a working platform over 3′ (1m) high, works on staircases in a variety of ways, folds into a 5’11” (1.8m) stepladder, stands off the wall for greater reach when painting ceilings, and can even be set up as a sturdy workbench. And it’s built to BS EN 131 for safety.

Combination ladders can be arranged as conventional extension ladders and as stepladders which can be used on sloping surfaces and stairs.

Platform ladders can be arranged as conventional extension ladders, as stepladders (which can be used on sloping surfaces and stairs) and, with the supplied platform panel, as raised platforms on flat, sloping or stepped surfaces.

The Stratus tower can be erected on a variety of surfaces, giving access to difficult to reach places, yet it is compact and lightweight and can be stowed on a car roof rack.


Platforms and towers make access much easier for many tasks, from gutter-clearing and garden pruning to painting the house or installing ceiling fixtures.

Platform ladders offer great convenience and are ideal for working heights of up to 10′ (3m).

Aluminium towers can be purchased in sections to reach the height you require – the ranges we stock will reach a working height of around 24′ (7.2m). They pack flat for easy storage and transportation.


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