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These door closers cannot be seen at all when the door is closed, making them ideal in the home for fire doors.

Door Closers

Door closers cut out draughts, reduce energy costs and can save much time in a busy office or factory.

We can provide from a wide range, including invisible closers, electromagnetic closers which will shut doors when a fire alarm is triggered, damped closers which shut the door very gently, and many different styles of housing to blend in with any decor. Most are easy to fit and have adjustable actions. Illustrated a little further down the page, there’s a conventional garden gate spring.


Letterboxes, knobs, knockers, bell pushes, door viewers, door-chains, latches and catches, numbers and letters, finger plates and kick plates, round, oval and lever handles, key escutcheons, cylinder lock door pulls, doorstops, hinges, hinge bolts, coathooks, vents, draught flaps and strips – everything you want to individualize your door.

A few examples of decorative door levers for both traditional and modern settings, ranging in styles from Georgian to contemporary in brass, chrome, aluminium and – for the ornate “antique range” – black malleable steel.

A sliding door is a real space saver, as well as being an unusual feature.

This folding cupboard door takes up no wall space when opened, and only protrudes into the room half the width of the aperture. It’s quite an attractive feature, too.


There are many situations where there just isn’t room for a conventional hinged door, or where the door may represent a hazard if left open.

Sliding doors overcome this problem and are particularly useful where space is critical. For instance, if you’re building a small loft room, a conventional door might just take up too much of the space. Sliding door gear supports doors in sizes and weights ranging from a small cupboard door to large room dividers, supporting and guiding the door so that it may be effortlessly and quietly moved into place.

Folding doors take up little more space than sliding doors and have the great advantage of not requiring a space to the side of the door that is as large as the door itself. Folding doors can be fitted to apertures adjacent to walls, and to cupboards where full access is required (the sliding door will always block half of the cupboard).


Whatever task you have to hand, we have the right hinge.

Plain steel butt hinges, brass hinges, butt hinges with fixed pins for better security, rising butt hinges for self-closing (or opening) doors, nylon butt hinges, cabinet hinges, counter-flap hinges,decorative hinges for the country cottage look (and many other looks, too) sprung hinges for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, single and double-action spring-loaded door hinges, piano hinges, tee hinges in many weights and lengths for lightweight through to substantial doors and gates, and lift-off hook and band hinges for removable gates.

A selection of hinges for a variety of purposes: cupboards, storm shutters, kitchen cupboards, etc.

Thumb-lift and rotating latches and traditional garden gate furniture.

Cupboard catches: attractive brass catches, concealed magnetic and ball catches, roller catches and door guides.


The products described her aren’t limited to use on cupboards or garden gates, gut that’s where most of us would expect to find them.

Thumb latches (in complete door/gate latch kits) and ring handle latches provide a traditional look to a side gate or even a walk-in cupboard, and are available in several styles and finishes. Traditional garden gate catches, spring gate closers, tower bolts and padbolts help shut the gate, hold it shut and, if necessary, keep it locket shut!

Cupboard catches are available in many different forms, and not just for cupboard doors, either. The traditional brass lever-operated catch looks particularly attractive in a traditional setting, roller catches provide a secure fastening without the need for a visible mechanism, magnetic catches hold a door closed yet allow it to be opened easily, roller catches are a very inexpensive solution.


Have a look in the security section for door and window security locks of all sorts.

Wrought-iron effect curtain poles in fleur-de-lys, shepherd’s crook and arrow styles, for a look that takes you back in time. There are plenty of other styles, too.


Sash window locks, handles and cords; casement window locks, stays, hinges and fastening hooks; curtain poles and rails; available in styles that run from ancient to modern in materials to suit.

Whether you’re building a new window or refurbishing an existing one, we have all the products you’ll need, including a wide range of window security fittings.


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