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Modern fillers make it easy to repair many surfaces prior to decorating.


Preparation is nine tenths of many decorating tasks, which is why we carry a big range of fillers and sealants for wood, brick and plaster, wood preservatives and treatments, surface cleaners, abrasives and wire wool to prepare wood and metal, solvents to help remove wallpapers and paints, repair tape to cover small cracks in plasterwork, and many tools to make the tasks easier. And have a look at the decorating tools section for sanders, scrapers, wallpaper steamers, hot air guns and other tools to help with preparation.


We can supply you with standard and waterproof wallpaper pastes, quality lining papers, woodchip papers for irregular walls, linen-backed papers, and some very fine fillers once the paper is up. In the decorating tools section you’ll find pasting brushes and tables, seam rollers, plumb bobs and more.

The finest paper is no use without a good adhesive to hod it to the wall. If you’re using a special paper, or papering in a high-condensation area such as the kitchen or bathroom, ask our sales team for advice on the best adhesive for the task.

Look at our paint page for more details about paints and their applications (there aren’t many colour charts, ‘cos they’re not very accurate on the web!).


A good paint job is worth a lot: many people judge the overall standard of workmanship simply on the quality of the paintwork. That’s why there are so many aids to achieving an excellent finish – from the tools and accessories to the wide range of paints. In fact, there are so many types and ranges of paint that we’ve given them their own section.

To help you get that fine finish, we have masking tape, low-tack tape, sponges for special effects, brush cleaners and restorers, paint thinners, fine abrasives for rubbing down new paintwork, paint driers to reduce the time between coats.


Tiling adhesives are available for tiling on walls and floors or directly over existing tiles, in normal or humid environments (such as kitchens and bathrooms). For floors, there are self-levelling tile cements that ensure a flat surface even when the original screed is less than perfect. Spacers are used to keep an even gap between tiles whils the cement is setting. Grouts are available in a range of colours and in standard and waterproof formulations depending on the area in which the tiles are situated.

Rather than re-grouting tiles, there are several products available to restore and re-colour the existing grout, even to change the original colour of the grout.

Modern adhesives are often formulated to provide a decorative grout as well as hold the tile in place.

Colours, finishes, interior and exterior protection, special applications – there are many choices when it comes to varnishing. Call our experts for the full details.

There are a couple of sites with tecnical details that might be useful. Ronseal has a good range of woodcare products for interior and exterior use, while Sadolin has some specialised products and its site will help you decide which product is most suited to the task in hand.


Not all wood gets painted, and there are many specialized products for the care of wood, from acrylic waxes to yacht varnish.

Revivers, sealers and preservatives are often necessary when the wood is exposed to the elements (indoors as well as out) while dies, bleaches, stains and coloured varnishes alter the appearance. Polishes, waxes, oils and spirits further enhance the appearance and provide a protective finish for unvarnished wood.

There are varnishes for indoor and outdoor use; water and solvent bases; porous and non-porous skins; untinted, translucent and opaque colours; matt, satin and gloss finishes. There are many formulations for specific applications such as flooring and wood in conrtact with soil.


Assuming you’ve had the good sense to invest in some decent dust sheets, it should only be your brushes and rollers and other equipment that require cleaning. But as life is never quite so simple, we have a good selection of products which will not only look after your equipment but will also remove all the unwanted traces of decorating. Floor cleaners, wall cleaners, glass cleaners and paint scapers, abrasive and smooth cloths for wiping down surfaces, solvent paint removes, carpet cleaners, vaccum cleaners and more.

It’s not just about leaving the place clean as you go: take care of yourself, too.


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