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Get the right brush for the job and see how much easier it is to get the task finished.


Our paintbrushes range from specialist to general purpose, from long-lasting professional brushes to inexpensive disposables.

The Professional and Premier ranges have pure bristle brushes with superior paint-holding application properties, stainless steel ferrule and seasoned handle. These brushes are designed to last. Brushes are available in widths from 1/2″ (13mm) to 4″ (102mm).

The Decor and Hobby ranges have pure bristle brushes and lightweight polypropylene handles shaped for comfort These are available in sets as well as singly. Sizes start at 1/2″ (13mm) up to 4″ (102mm) and there are several large emulsion/wall brushes up to 6″ (152mm) wide.

We also have masonry brushes (the synthetic bristles are more hard-wearing and cope well with rough and textured surfaces), walpaper pasting brushes (with fine, soft bristles which will not damage even the thinnest of wall coverings), paper hanging brushes (with a block handle and soft bristles for smoothing out air bubbles in wallpaper), shed and fence brushes (with bonded bristle designed to withstand attack by creosote and other chemicals) and float brushes (floats with fine rubber filaments designed for making patterns in textured paint finishes).


When you have a large area to cover, a roller will get it covered quickly. When it’s a very large area, a power roller will help you get the job done in no time. You can fit different rollers to the handle for gloss and emulsion paints, or for producing textured finishes.

For a perfect finish, mohair paint pads are suitable for both gloss and emulsion paints, and don’t spatter as rollers inevitably do.

Rollers come in various sizes and with a choice of sleeves.

 A large roller is ideal when you have a big area to cover, and a mini roller will get into the corners. Long handled rollers are useful for getting behind radiators.

This powered paint roller holds enough emulsion paint to cover the average-sized room without stopping to refill – and it’s cordless, too.

Stripping, chisel and putty knives.

Scrapers for removing paint, glue, varnish and rust.


Preparing the surface is the most important part of any decorating task, and these knives and scrapers are high quality tools designed to give the best finish on many different surfaces.


Stripping wallpaper can be a difficult nd time-consuming task – particularly when heavy duty paste has been used to put up vinyl coated papers such as Vymura, A steamer makes the task so much simpler and avoids gouges in the wall, too.

This steamer has a water capacity of 3.5 litres and an element of 2,200W,

giving 70 minutes of steaming between refills (after which you need a break, anyway). Both the reservoir and the pipe are double-walled for a cool – and safe – surface.

The Plasplugs motorozed tile cutter shown here will cut theough tiles up to 1″ (25mm) thick, giving clean, parallel, straight edges and precision mitre corner joints at 45° or 22.5°, or at any angle from 0-180°.


Tile cutters range from simple diamond wheel hand cutters with which you score a straight line before snapping the tile over a pencil, to powerful motorized cutters such as the one shown on the left. You can cut complex shapes in tiles using a jigsaw with a ceramic blade fitted (see Power Tools in the Tools Department).


A hot air gun can greatly reduce the time spent stripping oil-based paints, particularly where fiddly moulding have to be cleaned. They’re much less messy than sanding or using chemical paint strippers, too.

A hot air gun with variable temperature and air flow for stripping paint, moulding plastics and soft soldering.


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